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2007er Muller-Catoir Breumel in den Mauern Riesling Grosses Gewächs: AKA, Irreparable Riesling Done Right

Wine isn’t always perfect. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s the risk you take when you buy it. In my defense, I rarely take risks on wines I’m not as familiar with, but this one seemed too good to be true. A 2007er Muller-Catoir Grosses Gewächs, the German equivalent of a Grand Cru, from one of the best ‘Clos’ vineyards in the Haartder-Bürgergarten estate, the likes of which had nothing short of rave reviews detailing unusually organic flavors– earthy, dirt-like scents were a persistent theme in all the reviews I read, a factor that intrigued me quite a lot. With a $29.99 price tag marked down from a cool $90, we were almost inclined to take home a few more to sit on.
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Hello, world!

Hello, readers, friends…ladies and gentlemen of the press,

The inaugural post of a new website is always the hardest. So much to say on a blank slate and so many ways to begin. To make it short and sweet: we are here to pontificate on one of life’s greatest pleasures- wine. As delicately and deliberately as I plan, I can never predict what will happen and what will be written. Like uncorking a beautiful bottle of Mouton Rothschild, each sip, each swirl brings a host of surprises and senses to discover.

Without further ado, I’ll commence with a quote from one of my other guilty pleasures, Matt Groening’s Futurama. As Hedonism Bot says, “I apologize for nothing!” and hopefully, there will be no need to.

In vino veritas!