My name is Jess Watsky, and I love Riesling.

There is a certain romance in the tempered beauty of a Riesling, an androgynous delicacy that seems to be more subtle than a Chardonnay, richer than Pinot Grigio, with a steel core and an ability to borrow from the most mundane of organic compounds- soil, rock, minerality. Riesling brings the beauty below the earth’s core to our lips, and for that, I cannot thank it enough.

With my website, I want to educate you and humor you with my thoughts, and make Riesling (specifically, German, in a world where “trockenbeerenauslese” is a two-dollar word) approachable and enjoyable, no longer specific to the confines of “chick wine” for the 40+ set. This site focuses primarily on Rieslings, but will include reviews and discussions about other varietals, wine gadgets, and spirits. I’m teaching as I learn- a devoted flâneur, I strive to mosey and invite you to check out the world of wine with me.

For wine reviews, I use Robert Parker’s 50-100 point system, which I find tailors well to my needs without exaggerating the flaws or beauties of any particular wine. Spirit reviews will follow a 0-100 point system, but are not affiliated with Parker’s ratings.


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  1. Peg says:

    Hi Jess,

    If you are interested in local wines, we will be having our 2nd Annual Massachusetts Farm Wineries Day @ the Wayland Winter Farmers Market this Saturday, featuring 8 wineries from MA….come for a free tasting, and take home a bottle of Massachusetts’ finest….and enjoy delicious fresh vegetables, specialty and prepared foods.


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