2010 Hermann J. Wiemer Dry Riesling

We’ve been working on a miniature wine cellar in the house for about two months now. Since we started building a more extensive wine collection, including a selection from favorite producers to keep around for a decade or two, we’ve been carefully picking out wines and keeping track of the temperature in our closet to ensure that it keeps our wines at the perfect temperature. It’s pretty ideal so far, and is in a dark place away from sunlight, unexpected heat, or the roving paws of curious kittens. And we’ve been judicious about keeping our collection sealed…so far. When a selection of the 2010 Wiemer vintage came over a few weeks ago, I wanted to save a few for a rainy Riesling day but was too tempted by the weather!

I’ve elaborated about my Wiemer-lust before, especially in regards to how finely crafted their Rieslings are, and this vintage is quite a good one. While I suspect that this, like the Gewurz, will be a little more reluctant to break out of its shell than the ’08 and ’07 vintage, there is no doubt in my mind that when it does emerge, it will be mellifluous. Right now, it had a sleek texture and translucent golden hue with a flavor that strikes me as indulgently ripe with the fine precision of their earlier harvested Riesling. A foot in both worlds, a flavor in another place entirely. In a good way, though, with a honeyed edge brimming with orange zest and a persistently peachy undertone all alongside a zippy acidity keeping us on our toes in the wee hours of the night. An easy drinker, like the rest, somewhat stilted in complexity for now and a bit harsh, but I’m confident that this can only improve with time. Its airy, acidic nose with mineral-heavy, saline base notes tantalized me more than its flavor, but it still carries the classic Wiemer Riesling profile of lime, apricot, orange, and salt. A wonderful combination if done well.2010 Hermann J. Wiemer Dry Riesling
MSRP: $17


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