1997 Château d’Yquem

Some wines reel you in, while others soothe you. Some wines serve only for the purpose of complimenting the dishes they are paired with, and some work themselves into the intricacies of an evening, lubricating an awkward social event or enhancing an already wonderful one.And then there are the wines that ruin you for the rest. Like amazing, yet fleeting lovers, they raise the bar knowing that few will surpass it. I can safely say that Yquem has ruined me in my youth for many, many other wines. Sauternes is a bastion in celebrations, a key player marking the beginning or end of anything worth commemorating. To finish an evening with something so breathtakingly concentrated is a fitting finale to a dinner, and Yquem is one of the finest of them all. To celebrate the birthday of my girlfriend, we indulged in a half bottle of the 1997 Yquem vintage, the very one Parker described as sensational, almost reaching the smashing success of the famed 1990.To call this liquid gold in a bottle diminishes its potential- it is so much more mellifluous and fluid than that, with an ever-changing set of flavors that punch you in the face wearing velvet boxing gloves. It has an incredibly sweet nose and a full, Rubenesque body, purely organic and almost bretty with lanolin, wax, and petrol battling for top billing at the forefront, their harsher scents softened by pineapple and burnt sugar- absolutely stunning right out of the bottle. It’s a real lady-killer of a wine, with a rather sexy, smooth look in and out of the glass. While we were drinking this at just the tip of its ideal drinking window (2005-2055) I’d be hard-pressed to find a better example of this wine for such a reasonable price. It infiltrates every corner and cranny of the mouth, working its way under the tongue and in between the teeth, infusing your cheeks, your palate, your gums with this complex, luxurious flavor, redolent with flavors of brie cheese, apple, caramel, and bread. It was both fruity and dessert-like, sugar-laden yet tempered with time. A stupidly easy drinker with a lingering finish upwards of twenty seconds that, like a beautiful piece of music, rings on your tongue and in your nose for what seems like hours to come. Waking up with the flavor of Yquem still kissing my lips was a true treat to finish off a magnificent evening.

1997 Chateau D’Yquem
MSRP $400


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